Summer Wonder at Have A Blast Toys!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!  We at Have A Blast Toys + Games had a busy one, with Lindsey updating site design and images while Danny added exciting new toys!

You may have heard that the Wonder Woman movie is coming! In fact, Wonder Woman premiers this Friday. Now that the reviewer “embargo” has been lifted, reviews are calling it the perfect weekend entertainment to follow-up on the beginning of summer. Have A Blast will be at the theater this weekend to catch Princess Diana in action, will you?

To celebrate what’s being called the absolute best DCEU movie entry and possibly the best superhero movie of the modern age Have A Blast Toys has some great (one might say Wondrous) toys available:

Let’s start off with the DC Multiverse Wonder Woman Movie action figure collection:


Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Diana of Themyscira and Queen Hippolyta are part of the popular Build-A-Figure (Mattel calls it Collect & Connect) type action figures. Getting all four figures will allow you to assemble a fifth figure; Wonder Woman’s powerful nemesis, Ares- God of War. Our favorite figure is actually Queen Hippolyta. She’s both a rare, small production figure and she has a fantastic likeness of Connie Nielson. These are great for both kids and collectors.

We’re also excited about Have A Blast Toys first Barbie!

Of course, it’s Wonder Woman:


Part of the Barbie Black Label collection, this Wonder Woman Movie Barbie is meant for slightly more adult collectors and comes with a display stand and a certificate of authenticity!

Finally, we have a couple comic classic Wonder Woman selections! The DC ICONS Wonder Woman figure gives you a chance to display Princess Diana in her New 52 comic iteration and the Wonder Woman Q-Fig portrays her in a fun, Golden Age manner, Invisible Jet and all:


So celebrate summer and Wonder Woman with Have A Blast Toys + Games. If you get a chance, leave your thoughts on the Wonder Woman movie in the comments. We’d love to hear some Have A Blast fan thoughts!

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