Friday Feature Blog: DC ICONS Action Figures

This Friday we’re writing a little feature blog on DC ICONS action figures.

dc icons superman man of steel   dc icons aquaman legend of aquaman dc icons green arrow the longbow hunters

The label ICONS actually stands for more than cool sounding marketing. Each DC ICONS figure represents an ‘iconic’ version of DC superheroes from classic DC Comics, particularly from the 80’s and 90’s.

It’s a neat concept. Each figure is easily recognized by anyone with a basic familiarity with DC superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow & Aquaman. Comic fans, however, also get a figure that specifically references a well-known comic story. Most of the stories are either origin defining (where the character began) or legacy changing (when the comics reset themselves).

If you’re not a comic book geek, after 70+ years of publication, comics often reset their plot lines to keep characters fresh.

Once you have one of these ICONS, what you’ll really enjoy is the quality DC Entertainment demands out of them. These are collectible action figures in every sense of the word. They have very specific paint applications (for non-action figure geeks: basically, how well the colors stay in the lines), character and story specific accessories, detailed body and face sculpture (looking at Superman vs Aquaman you can actually see differences in bone structure, seriously) and they display very well inside their window box or loose.

Don’t you dare open the box.

I’m kidding.

Or am I?

We just received Superman and Aquaman in stock. They accompany Green Arrow in our growing collection of ICONS figures. Superman and Aquaman are based on character origins stories. Green Arrow comes from a great legacy story (it’s on my Kindle) that I feel has influenced the way Oliver Queen has been portrayed in the CW’s ‘Green Arrow’.

Want more details? Click on the links in the article to the action figures. Each figure (like every toy at Have A Blast) has a personalized description that talks a little bit more about their comic inspiration.

We have a lot more great toys coming in stock over the 4th of July weekend. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram to keep up with us as we keep on Having a Blast!

Happy Independence Weekend!

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