Tuesday Fun Blog: For Big Kids Only, Deadpool

We're big geek Deadpool fans and have been for a while. It's an exciting week for CrazyPool fans!

We also love family fun at Have A Blast Toys & Games. So, we want to be very clear with our family geeks.

If you are in the dark on Deadpool, IT'S NOT FOR THE FAMILY. Definitely only endorsing the movie for you, the grown-ups, and maybe not all of you.

We understand you might confuse it for a Nicholas Sparks movie. After all, boy meets girl, they fall in love, boy gets cancer, boy beats all the odds, they might live happily after. 

Yeah, it's that. Also, throw in a lot of expletives, limb loss, and that the boy gets super ugly and it's just like Nicholas Sparks.  

We're excited about the movie reviews so far. They sound like the movie is going to be a lot of geek fun for anybody looking for a new (violently funny) take on the comic book genre. It also sounds like the movie stays right with the spirit of Deadpool for us old school comic DP fans.

It's been easy to pick out a few choice items for sale, for you, as the new Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie hits the theaters this Friday (the 12th, so ya know).

With the movie in mind, we have four great new items in stock:

Marvel Select Deadpool Action Figure- this one's selling fast on our eBay page. Get it cheaper here. 

Dorbz Deadpool- A less conspicuous and kinda cute version of ole' Pool. 

Funko Fabrikations Deadpool- A sword wielding, hugable version of PlushPool

Marvel Minimates Deadpool - A true fan cornucopia of MiniPools (and Friends!). 

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