Fun Blog: The Walking Dead Recap, "Now"

Well, we’re almost to The Walking Dead episode 6.  Hope you think better late than ever on the ep. 5 “Now” recap; consider it an extended, day of recap.  We’re going in two takes, it’s not going to fully recap the show, and this week has a couple side commentaries. Leave your own comments below, whether you agree or disagree! Spoilers ahead.

Take the first.  Apparently, TWD has been unsteady in the ratings this season. I mention that side commentary, because I have enjoyed the story telling this year. It started off with a saga, moved into a character study, and “Now” gave us a broad picture of the emotional landscape of the resident s of Alexandria.  It seemed like a fairly accurate measurement of reaction to the plot points so far. We saw shock, resignation, avoidance, preparation, and hope across a range of characters. Each of those characters also presented a glimpse of possible developments moving forward.  

We didn’t see a lot of the “mains” and even for an “Alexandria” story having Carol and Michonne completely absent was a bit of a miss. The Walking Dead isn’t perfect.

Deanna finally seemed like a relatable character. Some might have found her reoccurring shots boring (until the obligatory zombie surprise), but meandering aimlessly around felt pretty spot on for someone who lost their husband, son, and possible entire definition of civilization. The zombie surprise actually highlighted Deanna’s lack of knowledge about the new world. That was a whole lot of stabbin’. Maybe her weakness is always looking to the future, because somehow she missed that she raised not one, but two jerk sons.

Take the second.  What is going on with the cliffhangers this year? Does anybody remember Rick trapped in an RV? I do. Did he just Harry Houdini his way out of there (and then run a half marathon back to the town)? I feel like I might be in the minority actually enjoying the “meanwhile, back in Alexandria” episode, but you know would I would have liked more? A whole episode about Rick getting out of that RV and back to town. Not only was that possible, it would have been great! Speaking of Rick, Go, Rick! About time you planted one on the hot mom. Who cares if you killed her husband!

And then, there’s Glenn! Hate me if you want, but I will be ticked if he’s alive! Seriously, nobody gets out of that situation alive. I just accepted him as done two weeks ago because TWD has never screwed around with the death of a significant character. They’re screwing around! I don’t like it. They threw the cherry and whipped cream on the screwing around sundae by having Maggie announce her pregnancy. It should have been a happy moment. My reaction was, “AH, come on!”

Another side commentary, Jeffery Dean Morgan was announced to play Negan (a future big bad in the TWD universe) this week. We’re already guaranteed a season 7 of TWD, but I hope people get back on board this year. TWD has an entertaining future ahead.

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