Toy Donation Countdown, 4 out of 10, 6 to go!

Have a Blast date, Thursday Morning. 

Some of you might want to know (more specifically) why we donate a toy for every 10 sold.

It's hard to build a small business, but not anywhere near as hard as being a kid in need.

It could be because their family doesn't have the money for the holidays, their family needs care because a parent has served our country bravely, or a toy is something that takes the mind off of a difficult illness. 

Toys aren't food, clothing, or shelter, but toys and play make being a kid, well, kid-like  and fun!

Retail portals (sites retailers sell toys through) charge anywhere from 10-15% for that service. We hope to give our customers the incentive to trust our home page by taking that charge and spending it somewhere much better.

Remember, if you buy toy #10 in a count, you have the power to chose Toys for Tots, Op. Homefront, or Children's Healthcare of ATL for that donation! 

Matthew 19:14

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