Terrific Toy Tuesday Blog: Jada Toys Die-Cast Figures

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You might wonder what the newest addition to our store is all about!
Jada Toys are news to us, too! Jada was founded in 1999 out in sunny CA and they have worked hard to make quality die-cast & RC vehicles, both original recreations of classic/new cars and some pop culture properties. Recently, they have been able to acquire both the DC Comics and Marvel licenses to take die-cast to a whole new level.
Their Metals line takes popular characters from Marvel & DC (or Marvel & DC movies) and turns them into high quality 4 or 6 inch die-cast figures.
You may have noticed that we don't carry any Funko Pop figures. We're well aware how popular they are, but due to that popularity, they are found everywhere at prices that don't make sense for us as a small business. 
We hope to offer Jada figures as an alternative. These figures are very well made and have great detail in their sculpture. At a price point not much higher than Funko Pop, they make a 100% Metal figure that really does pop! comparative to their plastic competition.
Look out for an unboxing soon on our Facebook page and also posted here. In the meantime, with Civil War out, we're running some great sales on Marvel. Free shipping still on any order over $34.98!
Let us know in the comments if you have any Jada die cast in your collection! 
Here's a link to Jada Toy's own "About Us" if you're interested in more information about our newest toy line! 

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