Action Figures Added Tuesday!

Have A Blast Toys & Games had an action figure bonanza today!

We've added six Diamond Select figures, and they are, as Ferris might say, "choice".

Dr. Strange is back in stock. Daredevil is here in time for the Netflix season two. Gambit showed up just because he's a cool Cajun. Marvel madness has taken hold here at Have A Blast.

Completely new to Have A Blast, we're not afraid of no ghosts anymore. We've added the first series of Ghostbusters Select figures: Ray, Winston, and a possessed Louis Tully.

On the light and dark sides of Star Wars, we've got Black Series six inch Kylo Rens, Captain Phasmas, & Poe Damerons.

Lastly, even thought it's not an action figure, it is magical: Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Want hundreds of questions about Harry Potter? We got 'em!

More products being added all week. Keep checking back with us!

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